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Hospital Management Software Features


• Manage multiple rate definitions and its variations

• Organize and associate your billable activities with respective charge heads

• Support various cash and credit-based billing systems

• Print your bills according to a variety of customizable options

• Track minute modifications to each medical billing

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Patient registration

• Speed up the registration process with intelligent auto-completion of forms based on medical record number, patient name, age, and mobile number

• Quick and easy registration with payment options

• Customize your forms – add, remove or mark mandatory fields

• Capture and store patient’s photo instantly at the time of registration

• Print registration barcodes

Pharmacy management

• Demarcate patient types such as Retail, Retail Credit, or Hospital Patient

• Priorities IP Indent Request and Patient Return Indent Requests based on doctor’s orders

• Manage issues and return of inventory items such as consumables, surgical implants etc.

• View pending OP prescriptions with sales linkages
Laboratory management

• Get advanced inventory control using consumables tracking

• Automate result entry through HL7 compliant lab equipment integration

• Improve productivity by end-to-end lab workflow automation

• Share laboratory tests electronically with your patients and referral doctors

Bed management

• Use the ADT Module to handle bed allocation, shifting, discharge and more

• Configure and automatically post bed calculations based on SOPS

Custom reports

• Merge two or more MIS reports if needed

• Select from a number of available templates to create reports

Lab interfaces

• Seamless Integration with all Lab equipment – HL7 compliant integration

• Share lab records with patients to enhance patient engagement

Need for Speed
• As most of the processes in HMS implemented hospitals are automated and since software and servers are hardly ever known to slow down, speed is one constant feature of HMS – hospital management software.

• The communication between various interlinked departments, the reporting of various tests, the emergency as well as non-emergency communications etc. are speeded up because of HMS and the overall operational efficiency goes up by many notches.

Easy Access
• Quick and easy access to all data that a particular login allows is a winning feature of HMS. Hospitals generate a lot of data and lots of them are required to be stored, mandatorily as part of legal requirements.
• This data, which is at times required within seconds, is also crucial in making important treatment decisions. Quick and easy access to this data makes the decisions timely and increases the quality of patient care in the hospital.

Reduced Supervision
• Lower manual activity also means less need for supervision.

• As most of the processes are automated, the software is coded to perform each task in a certain manner based on the inputs the employee punches in.

• For example, when a report on bed ratio is needed; the software is coded to generate many reports based on the data that it holds on its server with a few clicks. The software will throw up the requested reports to help you track the metrics that matter to you most.

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Why Hms365cloud is a necessary change you need in your hospital.

Why automate your hospital processes when your staff has the ability and expertise to operate them manually? Why the additional cost? Intending to clear that confusion, in this post we examine the benefits of completing a hospital information system and the changes the hospital processes undergo as a result.

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1. Easy Access to Patient Data
A whole-implemented Hospital Information System indicates quickly available patient data to the care providers. It is simply a matter of several clicks and all the essential information about a patient, from various departments in the hospital, can be available on your screen. If the treating doctor requires to re-check the test records of a patient, she will need not go looking for the IPD file; logging into the hms365cloud will give her immediate access to those reports and timely treatment decisions ensue.

2. Cost Effective
Hms365cloud – Hospital billing software, when implemented well, cuts out on a lot of manual work that is actually performed in hospitals, especially the ones where documentation and record keeping is required. It accommodates in marking down manpower because a lot of work gets automated and does not require a manual interruption to store or examine the information. It also saves much on storage and the related costs.
3. Improved Efficiency
Processes automated using software would mean that the processes will be taken care of mechanically without any human intervention and this will instantly ensure improved efficiency. The software will not face human problems like fatigue, miscommunication or lack of focus; it will perform every task assigned to it with the same accuracy day in and day out.

4. Reduces Scope of Error
Processes on Hospital billing software are automated and a lot of tasks are assigned to the software to perform with utmost accuracy with minimum human interference, the scope of error is reduced dramatically. For instance, while billing an IDP patient for the drugs used with Hospital management system, the bill can hardly go wrong because the medicine the nurse indents are what is billed for until and unless there is a shortage in stock or change in drug order after the indent has been sent. Per unit rate of the drug is saved in the software as part of the standard operating procedure of automation. Just selecting the drug name and the quantity will enable the software to calculate the amount due, accurately.

5. Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability
Record keeping in hospitals is a mandatory bane with two challenges: keeping the data safe with only authorized personnel getting access to it and retrieving it in the minimum possible time. Add to these the perennial problems of space shortage, protection from natural elements and protection from pest damage etc.

Hms365cloud is the perfect solution for these problems. All the data is stored on the server or cloud, keeping it safe. Since Hospital management system works on logins, data security is becoming a non-issue offering data access based on the role of the person – Receptionist, doctor, nurse, radiologist etc. Retrieve-ability of data stored on a server or cloud is only a matter of few clicks and the data will appear on the screen within seconds.

6. Improved Patient Care
Improved access to patient data and enhanced work efficiency means better and faster clinical decisions. In this age of evidence-based drug, the faster the clinician gets the distinguishing reports and the immediate her orders are fulfilled the faster is the patient recovery and the better it is on the patient care index. All the departments in the hospitals are inter-connected and the faster data access additional changes in the quality of patient (Inpatient-outpatient) care and the resultant bed turnover in the hospital.
Hospital Management Software is more than an IT solution, it helps you offer clear information, rapidly for better patient care while ensuring that the hospital operates efficiently and improved profitability by plugging revenue leakage. Additionally, an excellent complementary solution to an Hms365cloud is a hospital insurance claims management solution to streamline the way your hospital manages patient insurance claims and settlements.
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Features of hospital management software

Technology is rapidly changing day by day and there is a need of time to move with the technology. Healthcare or hospital management system is essential to manage or upgrade with the latest technology. Health is the priority of any nation at the global level, therefore, it is necessary to have a system that manages or improve the healthcare system. Hms365cloud Systems has developed a solution in the form of a Hospital Management System. In Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems has transformed all administrative and clinical operation of the healthcare department. Features of Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems.

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Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems is designed in the user-friendly interface by understanding the current challenges of the healthcare industry and keeps it healthy. It offers different services of management such as a patient, the appointment of the patient, doctor’s record, fee management etc.

Features of Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems
9 key features of Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems are discussed below:

1- Improve Visibility & Transparency:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems improves the visibility and transparency in the complete management process and in all records.

2- Streamline Accurate Reporting:
It helps in streamlining the accurate reporting with the help of updated and accurate records.

3- Improved Customer Services:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems improves the customer services of the hospital because it provides complete and accurate information at once.

4- Improved Quality Control:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems improves the quality control on the products and services of the hospital.

5- Improved Management Visibility:
It also improved the management visibility of hospital, all information, and data regarding the patient, doctor and medicine could be seen by any department easily.

6-Unlimited User Support:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems allows unlimited user support whenever assistance is required by the client.

7- Single Data Base Management System:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems allows complete data of different departments to store in the same database which increases the efficiency, reduce the cost, simplifies the infrastructure and helpful in multiple reporting.

8- Improved Time Management:
It improves the time management because it allows getting access to any required data or information with one click. It also allows to add or update information within in few clicks.

9- Ease to Access System Facilities:
Hospital Management System developed by Hms365cloud Systems make it easy to get access to the management system facilities for the authorized users and keep it safe from unauthorized users.

Conclusion: Healthcare industry should be changed and upgrade with the time, Hms365cloud Systems is providing leading services with innovation in this sector of healthcare in the form of Hospital Management System. Hms365cloud Systems has divided the whole system of Hospital Management System in different manners. It is categorized in different modules and provide all features for the easy of the user. Hms365cloud Systems has offered its excellent services of Hospital Management System to their valuable clients that come up to their requirements and demands. Hms365cloud Systems always pays attention to customer’s satisfaction and requirements. It is our priority of seeking for the customer’s interest and keep them satisfied with our products and services.
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Hospital management requires a lot of decision making which is highly difficult if there is no strong management system in place. Since you need precise and accurate implementation at every stage, the automation system in the hospital has to be self-sufficient. Today, it is not possible to imagine a super-specialty hospital without it. A reliable, cost-effective, and efficient system becomes the backbone of the success of a medical center. There are several benefits of installing full-fledged software.

Achieve good quality ratings
When your hospital wants to be among the top-preferred and high-rated hospitals by insurance companies, there is no escape from hospital management system. Medicare companies and insurance companies rely on electronic data up to a major extent that is possible only when there is an automated system in place. It is one of the critical quality indicators. A hospital that is capable of sending and receiving patient information and medical reports electronically always gets a higher preference over others. A good hospital management system stands out your medical center, nursing home, or hospital distinctly from competitors. It adds a value to your reputation in the market.

Better revenue management
A hospital or medical center serves humanity, but profitability is an equally important aspect because it is a business also. Revenue management is a key element because it requires a fortune to run a hospital and. It is impossible to track the same using age-old manual systems. Automated hospital management system that is tailored as per the business requirements can solve the purpose effectively. It offers fast and accurate transactional and management reports that give an instant feel of how the business is doing. What are the outstanding amount, pending invoices, and debts and interests?
Also, there is a reduction in operating costs due to high operational efficiency. When systems and processes are automated, lesser resources are required for managing operations. Thus, improved ROI and fast Break-Even Point can be achieved.

Avoid errors and track every single detail
As stated earlier, managing hospital is a crucial thing where there is no scope for errors. A manual system can’t assure foolproof and 100% accurate processing. There are possibilities of errors and mistakes. Installing an automated management system removes the chance of error completely, and you avoid compliance issues and lawsuits, the two biggest hassles for medical centers and hospitals. Thus, in spite of high investment it is a good deal. In addition to it, tracking a minute detail of room occupancy, staff availability, and operational information is available at the fingertips.

Improved clinical decision-making
A good quality management system makes sure that operational and clinical decision-making process is fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easy, single view availability of data points, doctors, and medical support staff gets facilitated.

Improve data security
The fact has been highlighted and reinforced by experts that hospitals that rely on the manual system are more vulnerable to data theft and leakage than automated ones. A full-fledged hospital management system keeps every bit of information secure from unauthorized access. However, it is equally important that you implement a state-of-the-art system with centralized controls and not a standalone home-grown system. When everything is handled by an accesscontrolled system where availability of information depends on user rights, there is no possibility of error. It is the reason health clinics, hospitals, trauma centers, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes are installing high-quality management systems.

Establish your hospital as technically advanced
When a hospital is managed by new-age hospital management system, it gets established as a techno-savvy and modern medical center. It is highly important in the fiercely competitive modern world that your hospital has a good reputation. Today, people rely on computerized systems more than manual ones. It creates a high level of trust in the systems and processes. Also, it is possible to maintain connectivity with patients and peripheral systems if the operations are managed using automated systems.

With the advancement of Information Technology in last few years, there has been a revolutionary change in the automation and management systems available for hospitals. Other than handling mundane operational stuff by business automation modules, they offer intelligent Management Information System as well. An error-free and well-organized module is need of the day!

Hms365cloud portals are capable of providing a better concerted environment between hospital staff, doctors, groups, patients and managing workflows. Portal solutions even have the ability to unify legacy applications, objects from other portals, and handle multitudes of user requests resulting in an uninhibited flow of information between staffs, doctors and patient.

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